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Good band fic

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Good fiction from lots of different bandoms, apply for posting privileges.

This community was created as an escape from all the mind numbingly horrible bandfic out there. We hope that once you get a taste of some good bandfic, you won't settle for the mediocre stuff.
Even though anyone is permitted to watch this community, only some members will be allowed to post stories. If you want permission to post, you must fill out the application. Your application will be reviewed by all of the moderators, and a simple majority vote will determine if you get posting access.

The point of this community is not only to provide a place to read quality bandfic, but also to provide a place where authors can receive constructive criticism in order to improve their writing. If all you're looking for is a high comment count on your stories, this might not be the best place for you.
1. All authors must apply for posting access. If you want to read the fic but you don't want to be an author, you don't need to fill out the application.

2. Every time you post fic you must fill out this guideline so that people know what they're about to read.

3. After the guideline, always lj-cut the actual fic if you're posting straight to the community. It's okay to just post links to wherever you originally posted your fic, but please make sure anything you link to is public. We want everyone in this community to be able to read everything that's posted.

4. Always use a beta. There are no exceptions. There is a list of betas from this community here.

5. As far as subject matter, pretty much anything goes here. Slash, Het, AU, angst, fluff, everything. If you've written a G-rated story with absolutely no sex at all, that's fine! Feel free to post it. As long as it's good, it's welcome.

6. All NC-17 posts must be friendslocked in this community, so only members can view them. If you're linking to your journal, please leave the actual fic unlocked so people from this community who don't have you friended can still read the story. Regarding LJ's Flagging Tool, we encourage authors to self-flag their entries to whatever level they feel is appropriate. We won't go around patrolling to make people add or remove flags, it will be up to each author to make that determination.

7. You must tag all your posts with your LJ username and the band name so they can be easily found later. Please tag in this format: [band] my chemical romance, [author] thevelvetsun

8. Fics about any band are welcome. Everything from The Beatles to NSync to Fall Out Boy.

9. Don't start drama. Providing constructive criticism is encouraged, but don't be rude. And if you can't handle receiving constructive criticism, this might not be the best place for you.

10. If you're breaking any of the rules, or your writing has been severely lacking in quality for an extended period of time, the moderators reserve the right to remove your posting privileges.
This community is dedicated to helping authors improve their writing by providing thoughtful feedback and constructive criticism. Please, after you read a story, take the time to make a comment and let the author know what specific things you liked or disliked about the story. Better stories will make this community more enjoyable for everyone.

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