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the arrival pt. 5 (complete)

Title: The Arrival (pt. 5, complete)
Author: aceles
Fandom: My Chemical Romance
Pairing: Frank/Gerard (light)
Rating: R (violence, swearing)
Warning: Violence and gore
Disclaimer: Fake
Beta: bell_z
Summary: So it's finally done. Here is the last installment of Hunterverse/Let The Right One In AU AKA Gerard is a faily hermit vampire. Considering the amount of world-building I put into this, there is likely a sequel to come. For now, enjoy Gerard being a creeper, Frank being a tiny angry teenager, Mikey being a gothic businessman, and everything finally getting explained...sort of.

( A chalk white hand on his back, saving him from falling one way ('careful' came the dark rasp smothered in alcohol and paint fumes) and inviting him to fall another. He thought of that look in his mom's eye that morning, like she'd crack under the guilt of forcing him through the divorce. He remembered the look in Gerard's eyes over the bag of blood at his mouth--misery, and underneath, resign to more years of loneliness. )

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